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Bec and Shane’s Tamworth Wedding

November 11, 2014

I had an awesome time a couple of weeks back when I photographed the wedding of Bec and Shane in Tamworth.

The preparation images were heaps of fun and it wasn’t long at all until we headed to the ceremony at the Catholic Church in West Tamworth. The ceremony is always a great time to get some intimate shots and today was no different. I’m glad I was able capture the kiss though, Bec and Shane, that was fast!

The happy friends and family gave heartfelt congratulations to our couple once outside and from there it was time for family photos, you know, the ones you have to get but are the least enjoyable part of the day for everyone! Once done we could finally do the photo shoot. We went to a few locations around Tamworth, starting in King George V Ave, then working our way to the beautiful Pavillion Function Centre. The grass was so green and the the trees just beautiful, so we did the rest of our shoot there before having the reception at the Pavillion too. The warm weather was very pleasant and the atmosphere really nice at ther reception.

Heres a few photos for you!

The rest will be on their way soon!

- Mike

Mary & Robs Engagement Session

November 7, 2014

A little while back now I caught up with Mary and Rob before their wedding for an engagement session. Although it is spring Melbourne was still a little cool and was glad I put something warmer on.

I first met Mary and Rob a little earlier on in the year. When I met them I thought they were rather cute and was excited when they booked the wedding.

We decided that we would have the session at Parliament House in Melbourne’s CBD and in a park just near the Station. The light was beautiful and the location perfect to capture some delightful images of this adorable couple.

Here are just a few images from our session. Excited to share some more on Instagram and facebook shortly.

Amy xx

Renee & James

November 5, 2014

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of making a trip down to Port Macquire for the wedding of James and Renee.

It was a beautiful Springs day at Ports, Roses Vineyard. The boys prepared for the wedding day in Port while the girls were out at the vineyard. The boys were great and alot of fun to photograph. The time with the boys always goes so fast and it was soon time to head out to the girls.

When I arrived at the girls there was an excited vibe in the air. Renee hovered around very excited ensuring that all was ready for her to pop into her dress shortly. The florist worked outside on the arch for the ceremony while others finished the final touches on the marquee. It was a rather beautiful and excited atmosphere at the Vineyard – I just wanted to sit and soak up the vibes.

It is something very special to be able to capture such a beautiful atmosphere as well as beautiful things.
Renee your dress was amazing and your hair and makeup to die for. What a beautiful look you had going. Your bridesmaids were beautiful and the theming of the ceremony and reception was incredible.

The flowers were some of the most beautiful wedding flowers I have ever seen. Renee and James what a perfect day it was. It was such a pleasure to photograph and can’t thank you enough for sharing it with me.

Here are just a few images that I am delighted to share on the blog… I will post some more on our facebook and Instagram shortly.

Amy xx

Chris and Leah’s Wedding

November 3, 2014

The name Chris must have been pretty popular a few years ago as we have been having so many grooms named Chris lately! Putting that aside though we’ll have a look now at their wedding day. To start off with Leah and Chris are such a nice couple and it was an absolute pleasure photographing their day.

The day started at the Cottonwood Cottage in the incredible place known as the Promised Land or Glennifer. We’ve done many weddings there over the years and I was really happy to go to this one. At the cottage Leah and her two bridesmaids got ready, it was beautiful there. The room was huge, the doors let so much beautiful light in and the high ceiling with white walls made the skin tones look beautiful and natural.

The ceremony was held next to the Glennifer Hall on a nice little grassy area that gave the wedding a really nice country theme. I loved the photos of Leah walking down the aisle, Chris face really showed how happy he was and in particular I loved it when Leah’s dad gave her away. The photos were so natural and it’s those pics that I’m always chasing. The timing for finishing the ceremony was perfect as it started raining straight afterwards! We had umbrellas on standby but didn’t have to use them as it did not last long, although the storm clouds did hang around for a bit which actually gave a nice backdrop.

The photo shoot was fun and even despite the swarm of little flying insects we went to some beautiful locations around Glennifer before returning to the Hall for the reception.

Here’s some pics!

- Mike


Chris and Freya’s Brooms Head Wedding

November 1, 2014

Freya and Chris were married at the warm and sunny Brooms Head, not far from Maclean in north east NSW. It’s a peaceful village that even in peak holiday times doesn’t lose its charm. A perfect spot to get married and as it been such a big part of Freya and Chris lives it was fitting to have the wedding there.

Originally the ceremony was to be held on the beautiful beach not far from where Freya was getting ready, but after doing the groom and bride portraits a check was made to see what conditions were like. Unfortunately it was just way too windy to have the ceremony there, so the call was made to have it at the same location of the reception, at granddads place.

The pre wedding shots were very nice, the girls looked stunning and you can tell how much they all loved Freya simply by their facial expressions, particularly her sister Miru. The ceremony went off great too and even though it wasn’t on the beach, there was still an excellent view of it, and under the trees it was just beautiful. Freya was particularly composed given the last minute change and by looking at the photos you’d never have guessed anything at all had gone wrong! I think the back yard came up amazing too and you can tell how much effort Freya and Chris had put into making it all look just right.

We did the family photos in the shelter just near to where the ceremony was before venturing out into the wind for the photo shoot. And yep it was very windy, but we managed to squeeze out a few photos there before heading to a more sheltered location, to be honest it doesn’t even look like it was that bad in the photos!

We had some cool spots lined up for photos up on the headland as well as near the beach, once finished we headed back to the reception and kicked things off there. With the live music from the band, the ocean in the background and family and friends all gathered around it was an awesome reception and a great way to finish the day.

Here are some photos to look at, the rest are on the way!

- Mike



Europe Trip

November 1, 2014

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to travel the world, Taste, See and experience how other people live. I was delighted when I met Mike and he shared the same passion.

Our passion for travel has seen us go to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and now UK and Parts of Europe.

We feel like we haven’t even scraped the surface of the countries and cultures we want to experience.

In July we took 6 weeks off shooting weddings and headed over to Uk and Europe. In that time we visited England, Wales, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Questions we are always asked when we return home from a trip always include, What was your favourite country?, your favourite city?, and your favourite food?. So here goes…. Our favourite countries from this trip would be Switzerland, and Germany. Our favourite city was Paris. Mike and I happened to be in Paris 8 years from when we met in the humble town of Grafton. The country that had our favourite food was Germany.

It was such an awesome trip and I would certainly go back in a heartbeat.
Here are just a few photos we wanted to share with you all.

Amy & Mike xx

Karissa & Grant’s Bonville Golf Resort Wedding

November 1, 2014

A little while ago now Karissa and Grant were married at the beautiful Bonville Golf Resort.

It was a stunning winters day and a very pleasant temperature. The boys enjoyed their morning together in the gorgeous little town of Sawtell just south of Coffs Harbour.

Grant was a little nervous but excited when I arrived to capture a few images prior to the ceremony. The grey and Purple wore by the boys I thought went very well together. With a little assistance the boys didn’t take too long to be ready for a few posed photos before I headed over to the girls.

Karissa and her stunning bridesmaids prepared for the ceremony at Bonville Golf Resort.
Karissa was so calm and collected and was rather excited about the big day. The girls were so beautiful. I really loved the Purple dresses and the bouquets went so well together.

The ceremony was held in the rainforest and Deb Mc Mahon did the ceremony. As usual she did a beautiful job and it was soon time to head into family photos.

The light was amazing for our photo shot and made for some stunning and romantic images of our beautiful couple.

Here are just a few images from the day. So sorry it’s taken some time to put them up on the blog… Ill post some more on facebook shortly.

Amy x


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