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To Whiten Or Not To Whiten?

July 28, 2018

A question we get asked a lot as wedding photographers is if we will digitally enhance images and “whiten teeth”. The answer is yes we can but the process can be time consuming and depending on the amount of images photographers may charge a fee.

We feel the best solution to whitening your teeth and feeling amazing on your wedding day is professional tooth whitening. Professional tooth whitening differs from whitening done by a beautician or take home whitening products that can be brought at supermarkets and chemists. The difference is that professional whitening by a dental professional actually works.

Tooth whitening products from the supermarket remove extrinsic stain caused by tea, coffee, red wine and other staining foods but do not change the colour of the teeth. Professional tooth whitening works by penetrating the enamel layer of the tooth and changing the colour of the dentine- the second layer of the tooth. It’s fast and effective.

We did a little research in the industry and found Smiles of Melbourne. Tooth whitening only done by a dentist. The are reasonably prices and the service was amazing. The team were friendly, accommodating and welcoming. They made the experience easy and fun. We wanted to share s few photos from our tooth whitening experience with you. Check out our instagram page @mike_amy_photographers for a short video on our experience.

Smiles Of Melbourne-4

Smiles Of Melbourne-15

Smiles Of Melbourne-16

Smiles Of Melbourne-20

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