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Cambodia- Our first two days

July 8, 2011

We arrived in Cambodia for the start of our 4 week break on Tuesday. We arrived fairly early in the morning so we got settled and than headed out the the Flooded Forest of Kompong Phhluk. Last year you may remember the floating village of Chong Kneas that we visited… the village of Kompong Phhluk was so much more memorable.  It is harded to reach than the floating village. It took some 40mins on a bumping road in a Tuk Tuk just to reach the boat ramp. We than rode a boat into the village on Stilts. Most of the houses in the Village are built on Stilts of about 6m or 7m high, almost bamboo skyscrapers. It was quiet an amazing sight. We got some very memorable photos from this incredible community. As we floated up the river in our boat children laughed, smiled and waved at us… other little boys throw things into the motor of the boat… it was very funny!! The village supports themselves by fishing and a little farming.

When we arrived home from the village we than headed out for dinner and back to the Hotel for a rest.

Our second day in Cambodia was spent around the temples, we went to some temples that we didn’t visit last year and of course back to the stunning Angkor Wat- I just can’t get over that people actually built this by hand… so amazing!!

We spent our 3rd and 4th day with friends in Cambodia, today we are relaxing and changing hotel’s and tomorrow we are heading over to Battambang- which is about 6 hours by boat or 3 by bus… we are yet to decide if we will travel there by boat or bus!!

Amy xx

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