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Leonie and Dalen Married

November 18, 2011

Last week I spent Monday afternoon with Leonie and Dalen’s little family doing some family portraits in preparation for the wedding on Friday of last week. It was a really fun afternoon and the kidies were so well-behaved. It was a real pleasure. Some of the photos have been shared on the Amy Marie Facebook page. Friday soon come around for Leonie and Dalen to be married at the beautiful Bonville Golf Resort.

I started the day with Dalen and his grooms at his house. We got a few preparation photos before headed outside for some posed images. After the preparation photos with the boy I than headed over to the girls. Leonie and her girls looked gorgeous. Leonie’s dress looked just like a princesses dress. Destiny and all the bridesmaids were stunning. Destiny tells me that she wanted a dress like mummy’s – so cute. Since the family photos on Monday Leonie darken her hair…. I loved it!! YOu looked beautiful!

Leonie and her bridesmaids than headed out in the stretch limo to the Golf Resort. Betsy White did such a beautiful ceremony. Destiny, Leonie and Dalen’s little girl was just so adorable as she walked down the aisle and then posed for photos at the end and hugged her grandmother! Declan, Leonie and Dalen’s little boy was so well behaved! The ceremony was held on the lawn terrace … where the bridal expo is held each year! It’s a gorgeous place. – The whole of the Bonville Resort is. The ceremony was simply, relaxed and personal to the couple! I loved the colours of the bridesmaid dress and Leonie’s flowers were just beautiful. – You guys did a great job putting it all together.

After the ceremony we than did a few family photos and then started our shoot.  David Fuller took video footage of their big day. We had some photos on the lawn and then headed to Sawtell Beach for a few snaps there before returning back to the resort to have the car photos and a few in the back paddock.

Thanks for sharing your wedding with us and we hope that you have a great time in Thailand.

Amy x

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