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Serengeti and Masai Village

December 13, 2011

Mike and I are having a great time in East Africa. We really loved our few days in the Serengeti so wanted to share some more with you all. Our campsite was right in the heart of the Serengeti. It was an unfenced area but the long grass had been mowed so that it was ok for camping. The grass wasn’t really mowed back enough- well that’s what us and the other 9 people on our tour thought. The male toilets had long grass right up to the the enterance. All the guys were a little uneasy about going to their toilet at night so they opted to use the ladies toilet if they needed to go at night.

Camping in the Serengeti was certainly an experience. All the food preparation was done in a caged area so that once we had gone to sleep the door was such to prevent animals such as the hyenas couldn’t get to our cooking utensils and left over food. At night when you laid in bed the hyenas laughed and the lions roared. The first night camping I was horrified but learnt the next morning that because the animals had no idea what the tents are so they stay away and they are also scared of the light from torches. I was right after that and slept very well the second night.

We headed out of the Serengeti after two nights camping there and made our way to the crater. On our way to the exit gate we spotted a cheater with her two cubs… it was pretty awesome. They were a little hard to spot at first, I yelled out “lion” to the driver and than we stopped before realising it was actually a cheater and her two cubs were following. They walked right up to the side of our truck and across to the other side of the road… it was pretty cool.

We stopped for lunch a the exit gate and than headed out of the national park. Just outside the exit gate was a black rino. We werw all pretty exited to see it as they are very few left in East Africa. Before heading to the carter to camp we stopped at a Masai village. The village we stopped at was really a imitation of a realy village but none the same it gives you a glimps of how the Masai people live. They did the welcoming dance which includes the jumping which was pretty cool! The only down side was how pushing they were for you to buy from them!

Our next entry will be about the crater and the following our experience on Kilimanjaro.

We do have limited access to internet, so please feel free to contact us.

Amy xx

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  1. December 23, 2011 12:29 pm

    These images are stunning
    The fabrics and tones and hoe they blend so beautifully with the stones and colour
    in the accessories is totally vogue material.
    They look pretty intensely at you,big open soulful eyes.
    what a beautiful greeting you received too.
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing culture of beautiful people and creation.


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