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Uganda- Chimp Island!

December 30, 2011

Mike and I are now back in Kenya. We crossed the border from Uganda yesterday and are now back at Lake Nakuru. We are here for one night before moving on to our next national park. We have three more national parks to visit before we return home. Only 11 days until we are home and I’m looking forward to getting home.

Since our last entry we have visited a school for disadvantaged students. The school was marketed as an orphanage but by definition an orphanage is “An Institution that houses children whose parents are deceased or whose whereabouts are unknown.”- We felt that it was more of a school for disadvantaged students as many of the children still had at least one parent and no children had their residence at the school. Visitors to the school are able to sponsor children and make donations. The students were on school holidays but come in to perform for our group and show us their school. The kids were rather cute! The school was near Lake Bunyoni. On our last day at the lake we visited the school and then were taken back to our camp in a dug out canoe.

From Lake Bunyoni we headed to Kampala and spent two nights there. We stayed at a camp called Chilli Peppers. Mike loved this camp site as they did Pizza that he was looking forward to having a pizza but thought he would have to wait until Nairobi!  He said the pizza was awesome expect he had to wait three hours for it as they were so busy and a little disorganised.

We had one full day in Kampala for fee time so Mike and I decided to go to the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The chimp island is about 23km Southwest of Entebbe in Uganda. It was about 30min drive from our camp site and then about 45min on boat to the island. The island is about 100 aces of which 95 is forest for the chimps. It was established in 1998 and is home to about 45 orphaned chimps. The chimps are orphaned for all different reasons mainly local people killing their parents when they raid their corn crops. I didn’t realise how aggressive chimpanzees could be. When they were being feed they were hitting the ground, the trees and each other. It was pretty funny. You view the chimps from a viewing platform which is protected by an electric fence. The guide we were with said that one of the chimps when he is angry will throw rocks so if this happens turn so that your back is facing him because it is better to get hit in the back rather than you face. We thought it was pretty fun. None of the chimps throw rocks thou!

We hope that everyone is well at home and we look forward to getting back, chatting to you all and see you also.

Amy xx

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