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Masai Mara National Park- Kenya

January 8, 2012

Mike and I have now come to the end of our 5 and a half weeks in Africa. We are leaving Kenya this evening. The trip didn’t go too fast and certainly didn’t drag! Overall it’s been a fantastic trip. We have mixed feelings to come home… excited to get home but sad to leave Africa.  People often say what was your favourite part of the trip…. it’s a bit hard to say as there were so many places we really enjoyed!! Our favourite place would have to be the Serengeti! Camping in the unfenced camp ground was an amazing experience. The Hyena’s come in at night and you can hear the lions roaring… it was certainly something we will never forget!! The hot air ballon ride over the Serengeti was really beautiful! Our favourite country visited was Uganda. The Ugandan people were so really welcoming! The worst part of the trip was the car accident we were involved in… very sad!!

The last week of our trip we visited the Masai Mara National Park. One our first game drive into the Mara we seen elephant, Leopard, giraffe, zebra and just a few wildebeest. Most of the wildebeest have now migrated over to the Serengeti! We also seen lots of antelope and ostrich. We camped on the outskirts of the Masai Mara- just a few hundred metres from one of the entrance gates. All the camp sites in the Mara are on the outskirts of the National Park. It wasn’t fenced and was pretty cool to have a Masai men guarding the campsite at night with his spear!! It was funny when we woke in the middle of the night and heard the guard having a stand off with a Baboon. We didn’t need to use the restrooms at night but others on our tour did and said that he followed them to ensure their security! Our Masai security guard didn’t speak any english… we soon discovered this when michael tired to introduce himself to him! It was very funny.

Our second game drive in the Mara started at 6. 30am. I was very excited as the lighting was just magic that morning. We got some really beautiful images of the antelope and the buffalo. The water buffalo is the second most dangerous animal to humans in Africa besides the hippo!! There was a large herd of elephant that we were able to get very close to…. it was touching to be close to such a large wild animal!

This trip to Africa has been something special…. we do plan to return to Africa at some point possibly to see South Africa and than also the middle east and west Africa. Mike and I will get back to Australia on Tuesday…. we will be able to be contacted on Wednesday! We look forward to our 2012 wedding seasons and also look forward to catching up with our friends and family when we return home!!

Amy xxx

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