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Toni and Clint

May 15, 2012

Last weekend Mike and I photographed the wedding of Toni and Clint. It was such a golrious day! The weather was just perfect. Im loving this weather- I really hope that it sticks around.

You may remember Toni and Clint from their engagement session a few months ago. They are a very cute couple. I can’t believe how fast their wedding come around. Toni was so organised and had most things sorted well before the wedding which meant that the day went so smoothly.

We started the day at the boys… Like most grooms and groomsman we photograph we firstly had to tie their ties and then put their button holes on and then we could start! LOL!! The time with the guys before the wedding always goes so fast!. We were able to snap a few images of Clint Monaro for him. The Manaro has a bit of a story. Clint said Toni could have the wedding if he could have his Monaro…. So finally the Monaro is finished and Toni and Clint had the most perfect wedding day! There was be a real sense of Satisfaction on Clint side to have his Monaro finally finished! It’s been a long project!

After catching up with the boys we headed out to the Bonville Golf Club were Toni and her gorgeous bridesmaids were preparing for their special day. Normally if Mike and I are at a wedding together he would stay with the guys and I with the girls… but this time we stuck together. I always get very excited to arrive at the brides place …. I am usually very anxious to see the dress…. Toni’s dress was amazing… it was so beautiful to photograph, I think it’s one of my favorite dresses all year! 🙂 The girls were a lot of fun to photograph it just time passed so quickly … It was soon time to head to the ceremony. As we started to head to the ceremony it started to rain. Thankfully it passed quiet quickly. Betsy White performed the ceremony. She always does such a lovely job! We always enjoy working with Betsy.

After the ceremony we moved on to the group photo and family photos. We than stuck around the rainforest for a while before heading to Sawtell Beach for the remainder of our shoot. The rainforest is such a gorgeous place for photos!

It was such a beautful day guys. We had so much fun and have been looking forward to posting some photos up for you! We will put some more on facebook soon for you all to see. 🙂

Chat to you soon.

Amy & Mike

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