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Krystal and Greg E-shoot

June 20, 2012

For the last couple of weeks, we had been trying to arrange to do an engagement portrait session for our awesome couple Krystal and Greg. The first day we organised for the shoot it poured rain all day so we rescheduled… the second day… the same! And not just a little rain, both days we would have been drenched!

Whilst at a wedding, if it rains like that you just have to deal with it, at an engagement session we have the flexibility to reschedule, so thats what we did.

Finally on our third attempt the weather was just perfect! It was last weekend, and we met up at the Macauleys Headland an our or so before sunset for our photos. Even though there was an event that just happened to be on at the beach there was plenty of room for us to sneak away to a quiet spot to take some photos.

Krystal and Greg looked so great together, their clothes matched nicely and they needed barely any direction from me at all!

The wedding will be held later in the year at the beautiful Bonville International Golf Resort. Looking forward to being part of your day!

I had a really good time on the shoot, here are just a few images for now 🙂


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