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Chris and Rebekah

August 4, 2012

Last weekend while Mike and I were visiting friends in Byron Bay we were able to catch up with Chris and Rebekah. It was perfect timing as Chris was home from work. Their wedding will be held in Byron Bay in September. We are super excited for their wedding… it sounds like it will be a real treat to photograph 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it!!

We headed over to Bangalow for the shot as Byron Bay on a Saturday morning of a festival is just crazy. Bangalow was fairly busy too but we found a quiet little place to capture a few images of this adorable couple. The sun was so warm, it was such a perfect day…. but i must say the wind that day was so freezing. Bec you did so well to keep your expression natural- You looked so cold while we were photographing you!! I hope that you didn’t get a cold! I was freezing and I had layers on!! It was worth it thou you guys look so cute together!

We had such a great time on the shoot… it was lots of fun! I loved the yellow and pink that Rebekah wore it was gorgeous. I must say Chris the flower was a beautiful touch!!

Thanks for a great shoot guys we are super excited for the wedding …. Can’t wait!

Here are just a few images from the shot we would love to share.

Amy & Mike

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