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Eryn and Matt

August 17, 2012

It was so lovely to have caught up with Eryn and Matt a couple of Sunday’s ago. We have taken a while to blog as our Imac has been on sick leave but it’s all better now!! Mike refuses to work on the PC or the Macbook!! A little spoilt I think!!

Sitting here blogging today is getting me rather excited about wedding season. The weather is warmer and there is a spring smell in the air!! Oh how we love Spring and Summer! Hopfully this year we will have plenty of sun shine! Im super excited to photograph all our couples weddings this season. Eryn and Matt’s wedding is planned for early October!! It was great catching up for their engagement session and hearing all about their wedding plans. Thanks guys for travelling across from Tamworth for such an awesome session!!

We met Eryn and Matt at the Coffs Harbour Jetty. It had alot of meaning for Matt as they both leave in Tamworth and Matt’s family travelled across for school holidays in Coffs Harbour!! How special to have their photos taken together at a place that brings back so many memories! The wedding will be held in Byron Bay which just happens to be where Eryn’s family took their holidays!!

You guys are both so adorable and are really looking forward to catching up at Hailey’s wedding and than shortly after photographing yours!! Super excited!!

Amy & Mike xx

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