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Elizabeth & Adrian’s Tamworth wedding

December 12, 2012

Recently Mike and I were over in Tamworth for the wedding of Elizabeth and Adrian. It was a huge weekend! The Saturday morning Mike and I made the trip down to the Cold Play concert in Sydney which was awesome!!! We loved it. We stayed a little out of Sydney that night and then drove over to Tamworth for Liz and Adrian’s Sunday afternoon wedding!  Or should I say… Mike drove all but 50km and I slept. Anyone that know me knows that I really don’t enjoy driving! It was rather wired having a Saturday off and a Sunday wedding but loved it!! Thanks to you guys we got to see Cold Play LOL!!

It was an awesome day at their wedding so relaxed! It was a great way to end the weekend. Mike and I didn’t start until later in the afternoon. We started the day with Adrian as his Mum’s house!! We loved the house… very vintage and Antique… so cool! Made for some great images. After spending some time with Adrian and some of his family members we headed over to Liz’s parent’s place where  our gorgeous Liz was preparing. It was awesome to spend time with just our gorgeous bride as Liz didn’t have bridesmaids, her brothers were of a great help to her thou!!

The ceremony was hosted by the gorgeous Pavillion in Tamworth. The ceremony was held under the big tree! Such a pretty location for a ceremony. The ceremony was very sweet and the weather was gorgeous for the ceremony and photo shoot! After the ceremony was completer we captured a few family photos before heading to a few locations around the Pavillion for the photos!

The light was so amazing around the Pavillion, The afternoon sun was a fantastic colour!! Loved it!!

It was so awesome to spend your special day with you both guys! We hope that you had the most amazing and enjoyable time on the honeymoon and you arrive back safe and sound.

Here are just a few images from the special time we shared with Liz and Adrian on their wedding day!!

Amy & Mike xx

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