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Heather & Ben

December 26, 2012

Finally back to blogging for us!! The next three wedding entries are mine so that should help explain why there has been such a delay… I am hopeless at writing! Sorry!

The wedding of Heather and Ben though was absolutely beautiful, and yes, of course I can find things to write about it.

We started with Heather and the girls at a beautiful big house overlooking the ocean, Kelli T did the make-up and what a beautiful job she did! Heather looked stunning. It was a lot of fun photographing the girls in such a beautiful, wel lit house and it made for wonderful images.

After the getting ready shots and bridal portraits it was time to head over to Ben and his brother who were waiting at the Botanic Gardens in Coffs Harbour. I really don’t know why more people don’t choose to use the botanic gardens for their weddings as the gardens are beautiful. The lighting is incredible there amidst the trees and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite spots to shoot.

Heather and Ben had a beautiful ceremony conducted by Gayle Mckosker, it was relaxed, yet dignified and a pleasure to photograph. I have to say how much I love the series of images as Heather and Ben walk back down the aisle and everyone is blowing bubbles, Ben’s facial expressions are priceless.

For the first part of the shoot we stayed around the gardens, it was nice and cool under the shade of all the big trees which was an added bonus. Then it was time to head to the beach for some more shots. The beach was just near the surf club and by the time we got there the lighting was magnificent and you could see how rich the colours of the water and sand were, not to mention our awesome subjects Heather and Ben!

Before long it was time for the reception at the surf club, the entrance was very relaxed and quite funny as Ben walked in munching on some snacks! The night went off without a hitch and once formalities were sone it was time for me to go. 🙂

All the best guys, your wedding was beautiful and relaxed, the bridal party was fantastic and you were both a pleasure to work with. Thankyou.

Here are a few pics, the discs will be posted out to you shortly!

– Mike

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  1. Heather Burrows permalink
    December 27, 2012 1:26 am

    Mike! You did such an amazing, beautiful, professional, flawless job!! We love the photos so, so much and we are so pleased that we chose you and Amy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we know it was a hard time for you and your family and we hope that Amy is doing well. All our guests were so impressed with the slide show, they couldn’t stop talking about how professional you were Mike and how lovely all the photos were. Thank you again.
    Love Heather and Ben 🙂


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