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Tiahnn & Troy’s Bonville Golf Resort Wedding

January 27, 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Tiahnn and Troy at the beautiful Bonville Golf Resort. Some of you may remember Tiahnn and Troy from their engagement session a few months back. Their engagement session was rather funny. It was the first session I had taken my Mark III out for a shoot. I thought I knew best and didn’t look at it before the shoot. When I got to the shoot and realised that I didn’t even know how to turn the silly thing on LOL!!! I’m sure Troy was relieved to see that I knew how to use my camera this time.

I started the day with the boys who were a little behind on getting ready and I really don’t blame them as it was so hot in their three-piece suits. While the boys had their delayed showers I decided it would be better to start on the girls and then come back to the boys which is what I did. It made it really easy as they were both getting ready at Bonville. After capturing all the details of the girls I than headed back to the boys who already had sweat pouring off them… The poor things!! It was such a warm day. I was sweating in my little cotton dress. Due to the heat we captured a few preparation photos and then headed back to the girls.

Tiahnn looked amazing. I really enjoyed the time spend with the girls they are an awesome bunch! It was soon time to head to the ceremony which was held in the rainforest at the resort. The rainforest is a stunning location. I love the way the light comes through the trees. It’s amazing. It was also a lot cooler in the rainforest! After the ceremony we captured a group photo followed by family photos before heading to a couple of shaded locations for the shoot.

Tiahnn and Troy photographed so well together. They are naturally very expressive and it’s awesome to be able to capture some beautiful images that truly document how happy they were on their special day.

We headed into the reception at about 6pm. Kate and her staff at Bonville always ensure things are running to time. After the entre’s and mains were served I headed back out just for 15min with Tiahnn and Troy so we could use the amazing afternoon light that comes through the trees at Bonville. It was so worth it. The last few images we captured were some of my favorite from their special day.

Thank you so much for inviting me to share your special day. It was a real pleasure to document it for you.

I hope that you had an amazing time on your honeymoon and the weather was kind to you.

Amy x

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