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Megan & Joey

March 11, 2013

Finally after a huge weekend we have had a chance to catch up and share with you all one of last weekends weddings. Admist the terrible weather that plagued the east last weekend there was a few of our gorgeous couples who exchanged their vows. Megan and Joey were one of those couples who were married on the Friday.

Megan and Joey prepared for the ceremony in the new apartments at the Opal Cove Resort. The new apartments there are perfect for groom and bridal preparation. The lighting is beautiful and there is lots of room to enjoy the morning.

We started the morning with Joey and his boys…. The boys im sure were very excited to have photos taken. LOL!! It was defiantly worth the patience boys…. You looked great and we captured some awesome moments of your preparation time.

My favorite part of the wedding day to photograph is the bridal preparation… particularly when we have a stunning bride like Megan and amazing light. We had both for Megan and Joey’s wedding so I was super excited to be able to spend some time with the girls prior to the ceremony. I always love it when the brides hair and makeup is all finished or just about finished when I arrive. It means it’s set and settled and we can spend all the time capturing the beauty of our bride. Megan was such a perfect bride to photograph. She was ready and her girls were all so hopeful in helping capture Megan’s special time before the ceremony. Your dress was amazing Megan and your flowers stunning. I loved the bridesmaids dresses also. All of your hard work certainly paid off. Your looked amazing and so did your gorgeous girls.

A real highlight of photographing Megan and Joey’s day was their page-boy Jarrod… He had real charter. At the reception which was held at Opal Cove Jarrod stole the show… particularly when he crash tackled Joey during the garder removal. It was very funny. He was a real charmer dancing with ruby his flower girl.

Megan and Joey had a beautiful day and thankfully for them the rain wasn’t consistant and we got some awesome photos. The light was amazing under the trees at the resort.

Thanks so much for an awesome day. I hope you had a great night partying and enjoyed the honeymoon.

Chat wait to share some more images and post them out to you soon.

Amy x

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