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Joh and Andrew’s Tamworth E-shoot!

April 1, 2013

You will have to forgive us for not keeping up with blogging for this last week, we have had the fun of moving house… yeah, ‘fun’. But we are all settled now and everything is back to normal! And there are plenty of entries coming! Apologies to everyone waiting!

A couple of weeks back I travelled to Tamworth for the wedding of Gemma and Troy, in the morning though I met up with an awesome couple Joh and Andrew for their engagement photos.

We did the photos in the beautiful King George Road, one of our favourite spots to shoot in Tamworth. Great big trees line the road and it always makes for some awesome shots.

Joh and Andrew were a fantastic couple to photograph, and I had a great time on the shoot. The wedding is coming up so fast now and we look forward to the big day! Till then here’s some pics!

– Mike

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