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Leanne & Michael’s Wedding

August 7, 2013

Last month in July Mike and I travelled up to the wedding of Leanne and Michael. I love winter weddings.  The weather during the day is usually amazing!! It certainly didn’t disappoint us for Leanne and Michael’s wedding. The day was gorgeous!!

Leanne and Michael had travelled across from WA to share their special day with family and friends. Leanne and Michael first met when Leanne was in Canada working as a Nanny for one of Michael’s relatives, and kept in contact. There relationship obviously blossomed which lead to them making the beautiful commitment of marriage.

Mike and I attended the wedding together. We thought it was very cute how Leanne prepared for the ceremony at her parents home just near Yamba and Michael right next door at a house that is rented for holidays. Mike started the day with Michael and his brother who was his best men and while I spent the preparation time with the girls. It went so fast. It was soon time to make our way over to the ceremony which was to be held in a church in Maclean. It was about a 10 mintue drive from where our couple prepared for their special day.

The ceremony was short but personal a the church. The ceremony was followed by a group photo and family photos. It was awesome that a few of Michael’s relatives could watch the ceremony over Skype. Thankfully this day and age even if we can’t physically be somewhere we don’t have to miss some of the most amazing parts of our families life.

The photos for Leanne and Michael’s wedding were taken around Maclean and a couple of different places. My favorite location for this shoot was at the local showground. There were some cute sheds and of course the river which made for a perfect backdrop for such a sweet couples wedding photos.

Leanne and Michael’s reception was held in Maclean as well. Guest enjoyed a buffet main course and dessert followed by dancing and of course the wedding cake.

It was a very enjoyable day with such an awesome couple. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. We are looking forward to posting over your photos this week. We will post some more on facebook soon.

Amy x

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