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Kelly and Kris’ Bonville Golf Resort Wedding

February 23, 2014

At the end of last year Kelly and Kris were married at the beautiful Bonville Golf resort. To say the weather was bad for this couple was an understatement! They had some dreadful weather… from heavy rain to hail and even a little windy it was a little frustrating. It was the first time in our 5 years as wedding photographers that we have photographed a wedding where it hailed.

The wedding was held at Bonville Golf Resort. The boys got ready off location while the girls got ready at the Golf resort. I started the day with Kelly and her girls while mike was in Sawtell photographing the boys!

Kelly and her bridesmaids where alot of fun! It was nice to be with a bride under such poor weather conditions that was simply excited to get married! Kelly looked so cute. The choice of a fun 1950’s inspired dress that was knee-length and was adorable! It suited Kelly so much. I loved it! The flowers were amazing! The colours were vibrant. The navy blue bridesmaids dresses looked amazing on the girls and really made the flowers pop. Girls you looked stunning! Kelly is such a privileged girl to have friends like you girls around her!

The ceremony was planned for the rainforest but due to the hail and rain the ceremony was held upstairs in the gallery at the Golf Resort. Although it’s not quiet the same as having the ceremony at outside the gallery does offer a beautiful view and atmosphere to exchange vows.

Following the ceremony we tackled family photos… thanks everyone for being so great under the weather conditions it was a little tricky for everyone. The photo shoot still went ahead. The staff at Bonville have a real drive and will make anything that’s possible happen. We took the bonville bus and headed to our locations. It was saturated but both Kelly, Kris and their bridal party were such good sports and put up with our instructions to ensure we captured some beautiful images of their special day.

Thanks for a really enjoyable day guys. We hope that you are both doing well and enjoyed looking through your wedding photos.

Here are some of the photos from the day and we will post some more on facebook shortly!!

Amy & Mike

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