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Tahli & Paul

April 21, 2014

Early on in March we headed down to the wedding of Tahli and Paul at Merewether Beach in Newcastle. It was an early start for us as Mike and I photographed two weddings the day before and then got up early and drove down to this couples gorgeous wedding.

We started the day with Tahli, Well I did. Mike dropped me at the girls place and then he headed over to where Paul was getting ready which was about half an hour away. Tahli and her girls were so organised. It really didn’t take us long at all get work through our preparation photos. We had an extra 30-40 min before the ceremony was to start so we headed to Merewether Beach early and stopped off at the pub so that Tahli and her girls could have a drink before the ceremony. Meanwhile Mike was with the boys who were running super early too. The boys were so early that they too decided to head to the shops before the ceremony… Theirs not for a drink but to buy cufflinks. LOL so typical of boys to forget!!

Tahli and Paul’s ceremony was held on Merewether Beach. It is such a stunning location with the cliffs as a backdrop one side and the ocean pools to the other. The weather was perfect with little to no wind. The ceremony was short but very personal. After the ceremony we did family photos on the beach at Merewether and then the guests headed up to the Surf house which was only 300 metres or so aways from the ceremony location.

We decided not to travel to other location for photos but to just stay on the beach and in the dunes for photos. It is such a beautiful location just on the beach with several different backdrops within just that little area that there really wasn’t a need to head anywhere else. We spent only about 40min on photos with Tahli and Paul before heading into the reception for canapes. When the sun had set a little more Mike took Tahli and Paul back onto the beach for some more photos in the softer light.

It was a really awesome day. Thanks so much for sharing the day with us Tahli and Paul. We hope you guys are going well and loving your wedding photos.

Here are just a few from the day. We will post some more on facebook soon.

Amy & Mike xx

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 22, 2014 12:26 am

    You both are glowing 🙂 it was such a lovely day thanks for having me love you both Mr and Mrs Fahey xxxx and CONGRADUATIONS on expecting a new sibling for Riley xxxx you both have such a bright future


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