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Danielle & Ben’s Wedding

June 30, 2014

A little while back I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the wedding of Danielle and Ben at the gorgeous Aanuka Beach resort. I started the day by capturing a few images of the reception room. What I love most about this reception is the canopy on the room…. The lanterns and the paper balls It is such a stunning arrangement. I love the simplicity of the room. There is too may decorations or too many colour happening… Simply beautiful!! You guys did well!! Margret and Peter as well as their team from Special Occasions have done a stunning job!!

Following the decoration photos I headed over to the boys who were fairly organised for boys! LOL!! I loved the grey suits the boys wore. It is such a classic timeless colour and went perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses.  Boys you did good!!

The girls were an absolute delight!! I always start with capturing the details of the girls before anything else. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, the flowers, shoes, and dress were all delightful!! So awesome!! I was particularly in love with your shoes Danielle. They are amazing!!

It was soon time to head over to the ceremony which was being held at the chapel at Aanuka Beach resort. The Chapel is quiet a cute little place to be married. Danielle and Ben had amount 75 guest which is perfect for the chapel. Although the chapel can certainly hold a lot more guests. My favorite photo from the ceremony is the one of Danielle as she walks through the doors of the chapel. Their is so much emotion/expression in the image. It captured her excitement and happiness so well.

After the ceremony we worked through our group photo as well as family photos before heading into the beautiful light for some photos around Aanuka.

It was such a stunning day. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful day with me. It was an absolute delight to capture the memories of your special day.

Amy xx

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