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Gabby & Sheldon’s Bonville Golf Resort

October 9, 2014

A big apology to Gabby and Sheldon for taking so long to post their wedding on our blog, as you may have noticed we are certainly working through the many fantastic shoots we have had over the last few months, soon we’ll post a few pics up from our Europe holiday but for now we have the beautiful wedding of Gabby and Sheldon.

Sheldon wore a nice lighter coloured suit whilst his groomsmen wore vests, a nice idea as it makes the groom really stand out from the rest much like the bride does from her bridesmaids, our first photos were with them. After getting all the shots at the boys house, we headed over to another beautiful spot at Sapphire Beach just a little north of Coffs Harbour.

The bridal prep was a lot of fun and some of my favourite photos had to be of Gabby and her daughter, one could just see how proud she was of her mum and it’s these photos that make our job the best to have!

The ceremony was held on the country club grounds at the Bonville Golf Resort, amidst the beautiful backdrop of great big eucalyptus trees, Gabby and Sheldon tied the knot. After this we explored some of the excellent locations around before heading back to the reception and our job being done.

Here’ some of the photos!

– Mike

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