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Bec and Shane’s Tamworth Wedding

November 11, 2014

I had an awesome time a couple of weeks back when I photographed the wedding of Bec and Shane in Tamworth.

The preparation images were heaps of fun and it wasn’t long at all until we headed to the ceremony at the Catholic Church in West Tamworth. The ceremony is always a great time to get some intimate shots and today was no different. I’m glad I was able capture the kiss though, Bec and Shane, that was fast!

The happy friends and family gave heartfelt congratulations to our couple once outside and from there it was time for family photos, you know, the ones you have to get but are the least enjoyable part of the day for everyone! Once done we could finally do the photo shoot. We went to a few locations around Tamworth, starting in King George V Ave, then working our way to the beautiful Pavillion Function Centre. The grass was so green and the the trees just beautiful, so we did the rest of our shoot there before having the reception at the Pavillion too. The warm weather was very pleasant and the atmosphere really nice at ther reception.

Heres a few photos for you!

The rest will be on their way soon!

– Mike

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