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Tiffany & Nathan Married|Coffs Harbour |Mike & Amy

June 24, 2015

A few weeks back now I photographed the wedding of Tiffany and Nathan in the beautiful Coffs Harbour NSW. Tiffany and Nathan are an adorable couple and like all couples have a sweet story to tell about. Tiffany and Nathan were introduced to each other by mutual friends- they still agrue to this day who should take credit for setting them up. Friends play a huge part in the lives of Tiffany & Nathan. I don’t think life would be life without our friends. This very cute couple had a large bridal party made up of their closest friends 🙂

Before the wedding I always like to ask a couple about the proposal. Here is what Tiffany said:

We had been enjoying an amazing cruise with beautiful friends when Nathan took me snorkelling to help me overcome my fear of open water. Then he got me to follow him as he swam down to a beautiful bed of coral and then he turned around and got on one knee on the ocean floor! It was amazing! I think I just laid in the water for a minute trying to comprehend it!

I started the day with Nathan and his boys who needed a little assistance with their ties!! Obviously these boys didn’t work in a office with suit and ties LOL After ensuring the boys were ready for the ceremomy I headed over to the girls who didn’t need much assistance!! Tiffany looked so amazing in her dress. I think it was very special that Tiffany show her girls the dress prior to the wedding and she made the bridesmaids wait in the room while Tiffany’s mum but her into her dress!! What a special moment between mother and daughter. The girls sturggled to hold back the tears when they seen Tiffany in her dress for the first time!! I can see why too – she looks soooo beautiful. It was such a pleasure to photograph her bridal photos 🙂

The ceremony was held at the Botanical Garden’s in Coffs Harbour which was followed by family photos. The photos were taken at both the Botanical Gardens and Coffs Harbour Jetty.

It was an amazing day guys- I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks for sharing such a special day with us. A pleasure to capture!!


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