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Danielle and John’s Country Wedding!

September 3, 2015

Just about a week and a half ago I travelled out to the DAG Sheep Station near Nundle, NSW. I was excited to photograph Danielle and John’s Wedding as I had met up with them during a previous trip to Tamworth and photographed their engagement portraits, they were a lot of fun to work with and posed very natural together. The DAG Sheep Station is also an incredible place to photograph. You could spend all day photographing in the grounds… Of course we had a time frame to stick to so we just had to pick our spots and be quick!

Danielle shared with me how John had proposed to her too which was very cool. Given that they both work with horses it was fitting as well. They rode together up to the top of a hill as the sun was setting and John got off his Mare and proposed… aww, just like in the movies. Amy loves that kind of stuff so she was excited to hear it to!

The wedding day itself was fantastic. Everything went so well, the weather was perfect, it signalled the end of winter to me, it actually got pretty hot which was a very nice change from the cold we’ve had in Melbourne of late! Everything was held at the one location which was so efficient and stress free for everyone involved in the day. I went between the girls and the guys for photos for the first part of the day before focusing on Danielle’s pictures. You were a stunning bride Danielle, and your mum Janelle in particular was absolutely beaming all day.

The ceremony was held in the old Sheep shed itself, it was a photographers dream, so rustic, with little bits of light peeking through the cracks… Once again we could’ve spent ages in there!

By the end of the day we had a beautiful soft setting sun and then a really fun reception for family and friends to enjoy. I had a great day at your wedding Danielle and John, thanks for having me!


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