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Karina and Steve’s Bonville Golf Resort Wedding

November 9, 2015

I had the privilege again recently to travel back up to Coffs to photograph the wedding of Karina and Steve. I’ve got to admit I’m pretty excited to post these few photos up, it was such an awesome wedding. So much emotion to capture and that is just what we absolutely love to do… After all it is the emotion in a photo that you’ll really remember in years to come. What you were thinking at that time, what was happening, why you were smiling, they’re the things you’ll think when you look back at the images in the future.

As usual I started with the guys photos then headed to the girls, everyone was ready and super organised (a real credit to you Karina… and Steve probably to!). The ceremony was held at the Bonville Golf Resort in the amazingly beautiful rainforest. The light was just incredible, magic, all those adjectives come to mind. It’s the way the light filters through the trees and the lush green colours… Anyways, sorry for the rant. Back to the wedding.

From the moment Karina and Steve’s little ones started walking down the aisle you could feel the emotion and pride, particularly from the family. You could see how much Karina and Steve loved each other and their children, it was there, and there for me to photograph. YAY!

The photo shoot itself was a great opportunity to quickly explore the Bonville Golf Resort and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Here is a small selection of the images from the day and believe me there is so much more to come!


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