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Chau Doc- Crossing border between Cambodia and Vietnam

July 17, 2011

We thought that we would update everyone on how our trip is going, considering we don’t have access to Facebook in Vietnam, the government has put a block on it :-(. Last Wednesday we did a border crossing from Cambodia into Vietnam via the Mekong river. We ended our 8 hour journey in Chau Doc. In Chau Doc we stayed in a horrible little floating hotel- it was so dirty!- We were so relieved to finally leave and head to Saigon. We only spend one night in Saigon before heading to Mui Ne – which is pretty much a tourist resort place, however there are some very cool things to see here. We will be doing a whole blog post of Mui Ne as we really love it here 🙂

We have been receiving lots of emails from current brides and brides inquiring. – If you need to contact us or have an inquiry feel free to send us an email we certainly don’t mind!

Here are just a few images from the last few days!! We will be blogging lots more in the coming two weeks because as I mentioned there is no facebook 😦

Amy xx

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