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Mui Ne, Vietnam

July 21, 2011

We are having a great time in Vietnam. We are currently in Hanoi. Tomorrow we are heading to Halong Bay, which I am very excited about. There are so many french bakery’s close to where we are staying here… it’s awesome.

Before coming to Hanoi we spend 4 days in Mui Ne which is in the South East part of Vietnam on the coast. We just loved it. We stayed at a resort called Phu Hai. It was an awesome resort, the only down fall was it was about 4-5km from town or the main resort/restaurant strip. On our second day in Mui Ne we walked into town and found a place called Red and Blue Restaurant and Bar where they hired motos for $10 a day. The girl was very lovely and only took a $50 bond- how trusting. We felt that the best, most excited and cheapest way to see Mui Ne was by Moto. We explored around the local villages and got some awesome images of village/town life. We than road out to the sand dunes which are not to hard to find… if your heading to Mui Ne feel free to email and we can give directs to the dunes.  The sand dunes are just amazing. We were very surprised how big they were. At the red dunes there was kids everywhere ripping people off with their sand boards that really didn’t work unless you way 20kg like they do and I certainly way more than that! LOL!

There are some awesome restaurant’s in Mui Ne. Our favourite was a mexican place which is owned by a young french couple. It was called El Lationo. The food was awesome!!

We’ll you all updated and post some more images soon.

Hope everyone is well. Feel free to email us if you do have any inquiries or need to touch base about a booking!!

Amy xx

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