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Lake Nakuru National Park- Kenya

December 19, 2011

Mike and I have now started the second leg of our trip in East Africa. We are on a Kumuka tour which will take us through Kenya and across to Uganda to see the mountain Gorilla’s and than back to Kenya for game drives through the Masai Mara National Park before completing our journey in Nairobi. We are excited about this leg of our journey as it will take us to Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara, Jinja- Nile River and Buagali falls, just to mention a new highlights.

Yesterday was day one of our tour which took us from Nairobi to Lake Nakuru National Park. It was about a four hour drive because of traffic. We left our truck and boarded a smaller 4×4 as the Kenyan government has recently changed laws that no vehicle unless they are registered in Kenyan can enter the national parks. Our vechle is in fact registered in the UK.When we arrived at the gate of the national park we made our lunch as one of the monkey’s stole a follow travellers lunch. It’s rather funny the local people call these monkey’s “naughty monkey’s”. Lake Nakuru is famous for it’s large population of pink flamingos which featured in the movie “Out of Africa”. We unfortunately didn’t seen barely any pink flamingo- our tour guide said possible because it was such a hot day when we visited the park. Aside from Flamingos the park also has a sizeable population of rhino- both black and white. We didn’t see any black rhino but seen it’s more sociable cousin the white rhino. We were able to get fairly close to them which we though was great. The park also has lion (we didn’t see any 😦 ), buffalo and plains game such a Zebra and Impala. We were lucky enough to see a leopard but couldn’t get a great shoot as it wouldn’t turn back and look at us… a little disappointing.

The only game we would really love to see now is a herd of elephant and a pride of lions. We are hoping we will see these when we visit the Masai Mara National Park at the end of our tour.

Tomorrow we have a rather long drive ahead of us to get to Jinja… which means we are crossing the border into Uganda. We have had an afternoon to rest through so the drive wont be so tiresome.

Mike and I have reasonable access to internet but may still take a few days to contact us and for you to get a reply.

For our here are a few images of Mount Kilimanjaro and some images of the game in the Nakuru National Park. Looking forward to sharing more images soon.

Amy xx

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  1. lyn castell permalink
    December 22, 2011 1:13 pm

    truely awsome guys. the monkey scratching his head and the zebra shot and the awsome mountain my favourites…….lyn castell….enjoy some more.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. December 23, 2011 12:18 pm

    impressive location to shoot
    you captured the animals with such personality,felt like you were very close.
    Lake nakuru looks amazing
    i LOVED your post
    enjoy !
    love Kelli


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