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Kenya and our border crossing into Uganda

December 27, 2011

Mike and I are starting to look forward to getting home… we will be home in about 16 days or so… in about 2 weeks time. We still have a lot to see on the trip. We will be back in Kenya soon. Last week we crossed the border from Kenya into Uganda. the border crossing was an interesting experience. From about 5km away from the Ugandan border there was transport trucks just sitting. We were able to pass them as we were a tourist vehicle. Our tour guide said that it can take up to 3 or 4 days for the trucks to cross the border mainly because of disorganisation. We got out of our truck about 200m from the customs office and walked to make it quicker. There was signs all around saying “NO Hawkers” – but the local people didn’t pay attention to this. There was people selling drinks and vegetable samosa- the indian influence seems to be everywhere you travel, we don’t mind thou as we both love Indian food. Until I had met Mike I hadn’t had Indian five years ago on a date he took me for Indian, now it’s one of my favourites. In total the it took about 2 hours to cross the border, which was quicker than we had expected. On the Ugandan side of the border there was two kids, one selling Banana’s and the other snacks. They asked us if we wanted to do business with them. One of them told us that his name was “Mr Potassium” – It was rather funny, how do these kids now that. When we were leaving he said to us… you do business with me when you come back….. We will have to buy some potassium off him on our way back through just so we can get a photo with them and of them. We drove through many rural communities on the way through Uganda many of the communities are Rural communities and rely on farming for their income.

We spent three nights at Jinja, which is the source of the Nile there was many optional activities that we could have done, but Mike and I just enjoyed a few days sitting around reading and walking into the local village. We have posted some pictures of some of the villages we have pasted through.

Since our last post we have arrived at camp which is the base for all the gorilla trekking in Ugandan. We have seen the gorillas… it was an amazing experience, Our next blog post will be on the gorillas. We have had some many experiences and have so many images but it’s impossible to share them all on the blog. We still have another two national parks to visit, we will also stopping over in Kampala on our way back to Kenya, hopefully we will be able to see the Chimps there. We look forward to sharing more with you all.

We hope that all is well at home – feel free to send us through emails – we are heading back to Kenya shortly and will have better internet access so will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Amy xx

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