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Tiahnn and Troy’s Engagement Session

November 10, 2012

It’s been a busy few weeks catching up with some of next years gorgeous brides and grooms. Tiahnn and Troy are planning their wedding for Mid January!! It was exciting to here all about their plans!!

I met Tiahnn and Troy at the Jetty and than we walked over to the north wall for most of their session before finishing at the Jetty!! When I arrived at the shot Troy looked so familar but I couldn’t place where I knew him from. We soon worked out that Troy was Mike’s boss when he worked in the produce department in Grafton Woolworths…. Way back when Mike and I were going out and first got married!! When I got home Troy, Mike was a little disappointted that he didn’t make it to the shoot but he will certainly catch up with you at the wedding!!

Im so sorry guys if I gave you a bit of a heart attack when I couldn’t work out the camera I had….. And than ran back to the car to get another one!!! You will be pleased to know that I can now use the 5D Mark III really well now…. I was so embrassed!! Sorry guys!! What a tool!! You think I would have looked at the camera before rocking up to a shoot with it!! LOL!!

Tiahnn looked gorgeous in her green dress!! They were so relaxed in front of the Camera!! You we guys were awesome to photograph and I can’t wait for the wedding day!!

So pleased to be able to share some of the images with you guys!!

Amy x

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