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Emma & Jason’s Engagement Session!

November 11, 2012

Last week I took the scenic drive out to Glennifer to meet up with the awesome couple Emma and Jason. While it was super windy here on the coast, out there it was just perfect. I’ve been excited to finally catch up with Emma and Jason for their shoot as Amy knew Emma from school.

Their wedding is planned for next March and will also be held out at Glennifer as Emma really loves this place. Something that I’m very happy about as it is an awesome spot for photos, there is so much variety and beautiful locations all so close together.

This was my first shoot using the new Canon 5d Mk3 camera body, Amy had been raving about it from her wedding last week and threatened not to let me use it, “if you want it, you have to buy another one” she said, so yes I guess we’ll have to do some more shopping.

I really enjoyed doing the photos for you, cant wait to see how beautiful the wedding will be!

Here are just a few pics from the shoot!

– Mike

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 11, 2012 4:26 am

    WOW!!!!!! just gorgeous pictures of them both,What a beautiful couple!!!!!


  2. kiani permalink
    November 11, 2012 4:41 am

    Oh guys, there amazing!
    I love everything about it, you guys are just so in love..
    Cant wait to see what the rest look like..


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