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India- Part 1

February 22, 2013

This week Mike and I got back from our break in India. It was an amazing trip. We really loved India and would love to return one day. Mike and I didn’t have much time to plan the trip as the end of last year was rather crazy so we booked a tour with Intrepid from Mumbai to Delhi! India was an amazing place to visit and so much to photograph. We had trouble deciding which photos we should share with you all on our blog. We thought it would be nice to share them in two separate entries.

Our tour was for 15 days and started in Mumbai. We did some sight-seeing around Mumbai the first day of our tour. We visited the gateway to India which is close to the hotel where the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks were. There was so many people. Both tourist and locals. The square around the gateway is a popular place for the locals to take a walk and have a picnic with the family in the afternoon. Mike and I really enjoyed photographing the people and their activities here, it was amazing. The same afternoon we visited the beach in Mumbai. The following day we made our way to Aurangabad by train.

There was so much to see around Aurangabad. The first afternoon there we visited a Fort. It was a Sunday so there was lots of Indian tourist about and many wanted photos with us which is rather funny considering we are their to photograph their country and them as people! LOL. We spent our third day in Aurangabad also. We visited Ellora Caves. They are amazing. There are some 34 caves built into the side of the mountain. All were used for Hindu and Buddhist worship. Many of the Caves are still used by the local people as a place of worship. It’s really amazing to think that they were all built by hand.  We also visited Bibi Ka Muqbara, which is a mini Taj Mahal. It was built by the Son of the builder of the Taj Mahal.

Our next major destination after Aurangabad was Omkareshwar. On our was to Omkareshawar we stopped at Jalgaon which is not far from the Ajanta Caves which are Buddhist Caves. They were also amazing. Omakareshwar had so many photo opportunities as it is considered one of the 12 Holy Cities for the Hindu people. Mike and I went for an early morning walk so we could watch the pilgrims and the locals go through the rituals. It was rather fascinating.

There were so many images from our first week or so but have just picked a few to share with you all and will post some more of the second part of the trip over the coming days.

Amy x

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  1. andrea baker permalink
    February 22, 2013 3:49 am

    Stunning photographs, love the black and whites but then the colour just hits you!! Beautiful.


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