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India- Part 2

February 28, 2013

Finally we have had a chance after all the catching up we’ve had to do because of being away we have finally had a moment to share some of the other images from our time in India.

Mike and I really loved India… I think we mentioned that in our last entry. India was so full of charm and colour. It was certainly one of the most photogenic places we have been besides East Africa of course. This next set of Images takes us from Maheshwar through to Delhi.

Maheshwar is a holy city were Pilgrims travel to bath in the secret river that runs through the town. It is the same river that runs through Omkareshwar.  We only stopped for an hour or so in Maheshwar before we continued our trip to Mandu from Omakareshwar.

Mandu was an interesting place. The entire town is surrounded by a wall. There are a lot of Muslim monuments in Mandu so we spent an afternoon visiting palaces, Mosques and other ruins. The following day we made our way to Sanchi which is the home to Buddhist Monuments. We spent a morning in Sanchi as this is all we really needed to see the monuments and then we made our way to Orchha by train and car. Orchha was one of our favourite places from this trip. It has a really lay back atmosphere. The people are really friendly and there are certainly some interesting places to visit.  Our favorite place at Orchha was the Orchha Palace. It was so amazing. It isn’t in use now as is true of many of the places that we visited. The architecture was amazing. We loved it!

From Orchha we visited the rural town of Chanderi. The journey to Chanderi was rather  interesting. We took too local buses and my goodness… we have travelled on many buses through Asia but I’m sure this was the most painful journey we have experienced on an Asia bus. When we arrived in Chanderi we could see why we had made the trip there. It was such a charming little town and relatively untouched by tourism. One thing we loved about this place was there were no beggars or people trying to sell you things. We had some of the most amazing Masala Chai in Chanderi and I think the most amazing food. We went for a home cooked dinner at one of the locals places in the town and it was amazing food… so good!!

From Chanderi we made our way to Agra were we spent about 2 days. Agra is the home of the Taj Mahal. We were rather excited to arrive in Agra as the Taj is one of our main reason for travelling to India, other than the food of course. The Taj Mahal is really amazing. This Marbel structure is a must for everyone to see. We can certainly see why it is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world. There were so many people visiting the Taj which I think is probably normal. We found it very amusing that the entrance fee to the Taj Mahal for foreigners is about $15 but for the locals it is about 30 cents… it’s rather funny!!

From Agra we than travelled to Delhi were only spent a day shopping and visiting new Delhi before our flight home. We really enjoyed our time in India and are certainly ready to get back into the wedding season which is certainly underway. We are super excited  for all our brides this season… They are all gorgeous people!!

Enjoy these few images from the trip… we will post some more on our facebook page soon! Our blogging our gorgeous couples will start soon also 🙂

Amy x

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