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Chris and Freya’s Brooms Head Wedding

November 1, 2014

Freya and Chris were married at the warm and sunny Brooms Head, not far from Maclean in north east NSW. It’s a peaceful village that even in peak holiday times doesn’t lose its charm. A perfect spot to get married and as it been such a big part of Freya and Chris lives it was fitting to have the wedding there.

Originally the ceremony was to be held on the beautiful beach not far from where Freya was getting ready, but after doing the groom and bride portraits a check was made to see what conditions were like. Unfortunately it was just way too windy to have the ceremony there, so the call was made to have it at the same location of the reception, at granddads place.

The pre wedding shots were very nice, the girls looked stunning and you can tell how much they all loved Freya simply by their facial expressions, particularly her sister Miru. The ceremony went off great too and even though it wasn’t on the beach, there was still an excellent view of it, and under the trees it was just beautiful. Freya was particularly composed given the last minute change and by looking at the photos you’d never have guessed anything at all had gone wrong! I think the back yard came up amazing too and you can tell how much effort Freya and Chris had put into making it all look just right.

We did the family photos in the shelter just near to where the ceremony was before venturing out into the wind for the photo shoot. And yep it was very windy, but we managed to squeeze out a few photos there before heading to a more sheltered location, to be honest it doesn’t even look like it was that bad in the photos!

We had some cool spots lined up for photos up on the headland as well as near the beach, once finished we headed back to the reception and kicked things off there. With the live music from the band, the ocean in the background and family and friends all gathered around it was an awesome reception and a great way to finish the day.

Here are some photos to look at, the rest are on the way!

– Mike



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