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Chris and Leah’s Wedding

November 3, 2014

The name Chris must have been pretty popular a few years ago as we have been having so many grooms named Chris lately! Putting that aside though we’ll have a look now at their wedding day. To start off with Leah and Chris are such a nice couple and it was an absolute pleasure photographing their day.

The day started at the Cottonwood Cottage in the incredible place known as the Promised Land or Glennifer. We’ve done many weddings there over the years and I was really happy to go to this one. At the cottage Leah and her two bridesmaids got ready, it was beautiful there. The room was huge, the doors let so much beautiful light in and the high ceiling with white walls made the skin tones look beautiful and natural.

The ceremony was held next to the Glennifer Hall on a nice little grassy area that gave the wedding a really nice country theme. I loved the photos of Leah walking down the aisle, Chris face really showed how happy he was and in particular I loved it when Leah’s dad gave her away. The photos were so natural and it’s those pics that I’m always chasing. The timing for finishing the ceremony was perfect as it started raining straight afterwards! We had umbrellas on standby but didn’t have to use them as it did not last long, although the storm clouds did hang around for a bit which actually gave a nice backdrop.

The photo shoot was fun and even despite the swarm of little flying insects we went to some beautiful locations around Glennifer before returning to the Hall for the reception.

Here’s some pics!

– Mike


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 4, 2014 7:15 am

    Absolutely beautiful photos Leah and Chris 🙂


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