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Julia and Lucas | Melbourne Wedding | Mike & Amy

February 26, 2016

Can’t believe how fast this week has gone, but I am so excited to share with you the beautiful wedding of Julia and Lucas from last Saturday. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, right from the outset I could tell it was going to be a fantastic day.

Lucas and his groomsmen were ready to go when I arrived, which made things run smoothly right from the beginning, they didn’t look half bad either as I’m sure Julia will attest to…

After a few photos with the guys at the best man Heath’s house we then headed to the girls. Everyone was busily doing the preparations for the wedding with Julia’s mum Ruth applying some finishing touches for the afternoon tea whilst Julia and her girls were getting their hair and makeup finished. The time flew by and after a few quick portraits it was time to head to the church.

Julia and Lucas chose to marry at the Ormond Anglican Church which catered brilliantly for the number of guests that they had come along and the ceremony went very well, I remember you both telling me how it felt like just a few minutes! Afternoon tea followed along with a group photo, it sure seemed like all the guests had a great time and it was obvious how much effort had gone into making it a day to remember even by this point.

Soon after we traveled to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens for the formal part of the shoot before heading to The Gables for some more photos, then the family portraits and of course the reception.

The reception was a lot of fun, the food was great, the guests clearly had a good time, Lucas slideshow he had made for Julia was a treat and I particularly liked the horse costume in Ross’s speech!

Here are a few more photos for now! Enjoy!



Make-up: Danielle Middeldorp

Hair: Tim Deveridge

Reception: The Gables

JL Wedding CHR-32

JL Wedding CHR-35v2

JL Wedding CHR-42

JL Wedding CHR-69

JL Wedding CHR-100v2

JL Wedding CHR-102

JL Wedding CHR-116

JL Wedding CHR-122v2“Here let me fix you up!”

JL Wedding CHR-126

JL Wedding CHR-135v2

JL Wedding CHR-204

JL Wedding CHR-213v2

JL Wedding CHR-215

JL Wedding CHR-236v2

I think he looks pretty happy with himself as Julia walks down the aisle!

JL Wedding CHR-238

JL Wedding CHR-256

JL Wedding CHR-264v2

JL Wedding CHR-305

JL Wedding CHR-330

JL Wedding CHR-360

JL Wedding CHR-366v2

JL Wedding CHR-393

JL Wedding CHR-435v2Ahh the selfie

JL Wedding CHR-527Afternoon tea at the church… It looked delicious!

JL Wedding CHR-612

JL Wedding CHR-624v2

JL Wedding CHR-643

JL Wedding CHR-647

JL Wedding CHR-666v2

JL Wedding CHR-731

JL Wedding CHR-733

JL Wedding CHR-744

JL Wedding CHR-750

JL Wedding CHR-757

JL Wedding CHR-885The rooms at the Gables are amazing for photography

JL Wedding CHR-895

JL Wedding CHR-955v2

JL Wedding CHR-1012A little something for their awesome guests

JL Wedding CHR-1088v2Both mums sharing a moment

JL Wedding CHR-1115

JL Wedding CHR-1166

JL Wedding CHR-1169Ok Lucas maybe it does look a bit like an apple

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