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Stacey & Grant’s Wedding | Coffs Harbour | Mike & Amy

March 3, 2016

Earlier in the month I had a the pleasure of capturing the  memories of  Grant and Stacey’s special day. They traveled to Coffs Harbour for their wedding as it is a place they both love and its where Grants parents live. Coffs Harbour is certainly a gorgeous place to have a wedding.

I started the day with Grant and captured a few images of him getting ready for the ceremony. Grant was surrounded by his family while he prepared for the day. Their was no offical bridal party so capturing images was pretty quick. It was soon time to head over to Charlesworth Bay to where Stacey was getting ready with her family.

The holiday house they had hired was perfect- just outside the front was where the ceremony was to be held. Stacey had her little dog Lucy with her while she prepared for the ceremony. She was super cute and I was in love. Grant- Im sorry for all the photos of Lucy.

The ceremony was held on the lawns over looking Charlesworth Bay and was followed by photos of friends and family at the same location. Stacey and Grant had their photos taken at Charlesworth Bay. The reception was held at the Coffs Harbour racing club.

It was an awesome day – thank you for trusting me to capture your special day.

Here are a few more images from the day. Ill share some more on facebook shortly.

Congratulations Stacey and Grant.

Amy x

SG Wedding CHR-10

SG Wedding CHR-17

SG Wedding CHR-23v2

SG Wedding CHR-25

SG Wedding CHR-55

SG Wedding CHR-58

SG Wedding CHR-79

SG Wedding CHR-87v2

SG Wedding CHR-111

SG Wedding CHR-177

SG Wedding CHR-180

SG Wedding CHR-207

SG Wedding CHR-288

SG Wedding CHR-309v2

SG Wedding CHR-315

SG Wedding CHR-385v2

SG Wedding CHR-566

SG Wedding CHR-570

SG Wedding CHR-578

SG Wedding CHR-619v2

SG Wedding CHR-650

SG Wedding CHR-667

SG Wedding CHR-694v2

SG Wedding CHR-707

SG Wedding CHR-715

SG Wedding CHR-733v2

SG Wedding CHR-767

SG Wedding CHR-806v2

SG Wedding CHR-859

SG Wedding CHR-958

SG Wedding CHR-1030

SG Wedding CHR-1043

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